Roads Services Training Group
7261 Bridge Inventory Survey/Maintenance Inspection (BIS/MI)
7283 Bridge Engineering Inspection
7174 Courtroom Skills
7063 Litter Warden Training
7233 IT Carlow- Certificate in Road Programme Management
7144 Sligo IT- Master of Engineering in Road and Transport Engineering
7209 Sligo IT- Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering in Road and Transport Engineering
7143 Sligo IT- Post Graduate Certificate in Road Maintenance Engineering & Network Management
67 Safe Pass
1313 CSCS- Locating Underground Services
1251 CSCS- Health & Safety at Roadworks
477 CSCS- Signing, Lighting & Guarding at Roadworks
1107 CSCS- Mini Digger New Entrant Programme
7010 CSCS- Mini Digger Experienced Operator Programme/Assessment
542 CSCS- Site Dumper New Entrant Programme
883 CSCS- Site Dumper Experienced Operator Programme/Assessment
7014 CSCS- Articulated Dumper New Entrant Programme
7015 CSCS- Articulated Dumper Experienced Operator Programme/Assessment
1281 CSCS- Tractor Dozer New Entrant Programme
7013 CSCS- Tractor Dozer Experienced Operator Programme/Assessment
7011 CSCS- Telescopic Handler New Entrant Programme
7012 CSCS- Telescopic Handler Experienced Operator Programme/Assessment
434 CSCS- Slinger Signaller New Entrant Programme
7137 CSCS- Slinger Signaller Experienced Operator Programme/Assessment
7138 CSCS- Mobile Access Tower New Entrant Programme
7139 CSCS- Mobile Access Tower Experienced Operator Programme/Assessment
7016 CSCS - Scaffolding Basic
7017 CSCS- Scaffolding Advanced
520 CSCS- 180 Degree Excavator New Entrant Programme
582 CSCS- 180 Degree Excavator Experienced Operator Programme/Assessment
2023 CSCS- 360 Degree Excavator New Entrant Programme
7009 CSCS- 360 Degree Excavator Experienced Operator Programme/Assessment
7018 CSCS- Shot Firing
7248 Locating Underground Services - Refresher
7249 Mini Digger- Refresher
7250 Site Dumper- Refresher
7251 Slinger Signaller- Refresher
7252 Telescopic Handler- Refresher
7077 Stop/Go Operator
7078 Temporary Traffic Signal Operator
7259 Temporary Traffic Management Design - Level 1 & 2
7260 Temporary Traffic Management Design - Level 3 Roads
7254 Temporary Traffic Management - Inspection and Audit
7258 Temporary Traffic Management on Level 3 Roads- Static
7257 Temporary Traffic Management on Level 3 Roads - Mobile
7256 Temporary Traffic Management on Level 3 Roads - IPV
7255 Temporary Traffic Management on Level 3 Roads Supervisor
138 Trench Support
7093 Banksman
7122 Abrasive Wheels- Consaw
7092 Mobile Elevated Platform
7135 Front Loading Shovel
7071 Ride on Roller
7073 Fork Lift Operator
7074 Tractor Training
7076 Safe Use in Bitumen Boiler
7001 Basic Road Strengthening
7218 Road Opening and Reinstatement - Basic
7219 Road Opening and Reinstatement - Advanced
7229 Surface Dressing for Operatives
7230 Surface Dressing for Engineers
7230-1 Surface Dressing Series 900 Design & Contracts
7247 Pavement Surface Condition Index- Rural & Urban Flexible
7141 Pavement Condition Index Visual Survey- Urban Concrete
7216 Road Services Supervisor
7070 Winter Service Operator
7234 Winter Service Operator- Refresher
7244 Winter Service Management
514 Safe Systems of Work Plans Training
7272 IOSH Safety Health & Environment for Construction Site Managers
7075 Decision Driver
7156 Commercial Vehicle Road Worthiness
7253 Safe Loading and Cargo Securing
7155 Transport Manager CPC
2003-1 Driver CPC Module 1 (CVEDT)
2003-2 Driver CPC Module 2 (MRMET)
2003-3 Driver CPC Module 3 (HSOPD)
2003-4 Driver CPC Module 4 (RPDTI)
2003-5 Driver CPC Module 5 (PROTD)
2003-6 Driver CPC Module 6 (PROBD)
7164 Driving Licence Category BE
7158 Driving Licence Category C
7161 Driving Licence Category C1
7162 Driving Licence Category CE
7163 Driving Licence Category C1E
7160 Driving Licence Category W
7225 Chainsaw Training for New Local Authority Operatives- City & Guilds
7134 Chainsaw Training for Local Authority Operatives- City & Guilds
7005 Chainsaw Training for Local Authority Operatives- Refresher/Reassessment
2104 Operation and Maintenance of Lawn Mowers
2080 Ride on Mower
507 Operation and Maintenance of Strimmers and Bushcutters
7245 Operation & Maintenance of Horticultural Equipment
7190 Safe Use of Pesticides and Herbicides- CG
7191 Safe Use of Pesticides and Herbicides- Handheld- CG
7202 Safe Use of Pesticides and Herbicides- Professional Users
7223 First Aid Response
7224 First Aid Response- Refresher
7243 School Warden Training
2001 Manual Handling (indoor)
2010 Manual Handling (outdoor)
7007 Masonry Arch Repair
7079 Surface Water Construction and Maintenance
7105 SLG at Roadworks - Information Update
Environment Services Training Group
7281 IT Carlow - Certificate in Environmental and Planning Legislation
7242 Waste Enforcement- Investigation and Prosecution
7208 Aggressive Behaviour- Environmental
7227 Evidence Gathering for LA Waste Operatives
7210 Preparing and Responding to a Serious Incident
7262 Internet Investigations
7261 Accident Investigations
1308 Waste Management
7044 Management of Hazardous Waste in Waste Facilities
7173 Fly Tipped Waste- Safety for Operatives
1190 Hazardous Chemical & Spillage Control
7050 Derelict Sites and Dangerous Structures
1513 Environmental Legislation
699 Environmental Inspection Skills
7102 Agricultural Pollution Investigation and Inspection
7185 Management of Invasive Plants and Biosecurity
7059 Site Suitability Assessment for On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems
7120 Solid Fuel Regulations
7121 Enforcement of Waste Management Packaging Regulations
7231 Building Control Minimum Competency
Management & Enforcement of Construction and Demolition Waste Activities
7280 Management of Construction Waste for Local Authority Operational Staff including Project Based Staff
Water Services Training Group
1163 Small Stream Risk Scoring
7238 Sligo IT- PG Dip of Science in Water Services Management
7236 Sligo IT- Certificate in Drinking Water Treatment Operations
7237 Sligo IT- Certificate in Waste Water Treatment Operations
7239 Sligo IT- Masters of Science in Water Services Management
2073 Water Treatment- Plant Operators Assessment Course
1244 Drinking Water Regulations
2031 Drinking Water Regulations EPA Handbook
1247 Drinking Water Incident Management Training
1367 Sustainable Urban Drainage System Training (SUDS)
1400 EPANET Training
2110 Quality Assurance- Water Treatment Plants
7026 Membrane Technology in Water/ Wastewater Plants
7032 Taste and Odour Issues in Water Treatment
1140 Water Treatment- Dealing with Problems
1016 Risk Assessment for Cryptosporidium
1063 Filters Evaluation Operation Maintenance
1419 Water Clarification Process/ THM Removal
2057 Fluoridation of Water Supplies
272 Chlorine Handling
7186 Manganese in Drinking Water
2084 Water Treatment and Distribution- Appreciation
2082 Distribution System Operations and Maintenance
7094 Distribution System- Unidirectional Flushing
7035 Water Conservation- Network Management- Leakage Control- Operatives
7036 Water Conservation- Network Management- Leakage Control- Managers
7098 Water Metering and Installation
7108 Hygiene in Water Services
342 DWNMP Sampling Procedures
2071 WasteWater Treatment- Plant Operators Assessment Course incl Practical assessment
7029 Operation and Maintenance of Small Wastewater Plants
7034 Wastewater Treatment- Appreciation
7109 Inspection of Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems
7111 Management and Operation of Waste Water Overflows
7115 Nutrient Removal in Wastewater Treatment Plants
7184 Control Septicity in Rising Mains & Wastewater Network
7033 Troubleshooting The Activated Sludge Process
7031 Sludge Handling
2111 Quality Assurance- Wastewater Treatment Plants
2108 Fat, Oil and Grease
1418 Pumps Operation and Maintenance
7040 Pipeline Corrosion/ Lead Services
7201 Electrofusion
7030 Safety for Water/ Wastewater Workers
7084 Confined Spaces- Low Risk
7085 Confined Spaces- Medium Risk
7083 Confined Spaces- High Risk
7086 Confined Spaces- Management of Risk
7087 Confined Spaces- Emergency and Rescue
Fire Services Training Group
7246 Firefighting Skills