Temporary Traffic Management Design - Level 3 Roads

Training Aim: 

To enable Learners to develop a comprehensive range of skills, specific to Planning & Design of Temporary Traffic Management at Roadworks for Level 3 Roads.
To give Learners a detailed theoretical understanding of the subject. This includes advanced occupational skills, enabling certificate holders to work independently.
To train Learners in the principles of temporary traffic management design and planning in accordance with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual, DTTAS Temporary Traffic Management Design Guidance Document, health and safety legislation, road and road traffic legislation, case law and industry best practice.

To equip Learners with the:
knowledge of where to access the relevant
information, design standards and guidance material,
competence to plan safe and efficient lane closures,
know-how and skill to plan safe and efficient TTM
plans for Narrow lane systems, hard shoulder running and contra flows
Mobile Lane Closures
know-how and skill to document the design and produce safe and efficient plans for a range of scenarios on Level 3 roads

Applicable Regulation: 

Appropriate to Task.

Expiry Period: 

5 Years

Renewal Method: 

Self-Certification of completion of 200 hours on Planning & Design of Temporary Traffic Management on Level 3 Roads within the previous 2 years, and Completion of 1 day classroom based learning (as outlined within this specification), and Successful completion of Theory Assessment (as outlined within this specification).

Primary Target Grade: 

Engineer; Technician

Other Grades applicable: 

Managers; Traffic Management Auditors and Inspectors for Level 3 Roads

Course Documentation: