Local Authority Climate Action Training

The Local Authority Climate Action Training Programme has been developed under six unique pillars that serve to underpin the commitments set out in Action 150 of the Climate Action Plan to strengthen and empower Local Authority climate action leadership and build awareness and capacity within the sector to further reinforce the delivery of effective climate action.

Committee Members: 

The coordination, development and procurement of training courses under the Local Authority Climate Action Training Programme is being undertaken by the LASNTG (Local Authority Services National Training Group) in conjunction with the Climate Action Regional Offices (CAROs). Training courses are being delivered online and through the existing Regional Training Centre network which supports the training needs of the Local Authority sector.

Championing Leadership:

This half day training course encourages the target training group to leverage their roles and responsibilities to embed and enable climate action across the diverse range of local authority functions and activities. Participants will gain an understanding of climate change science and its regulatory and policy context linking these with a focus on how to champion their leadership influence to support and effect positive climate action at both organisational and community levels.

Target Training Group:

Local Authority elected members and senior staff, including Chief Executives, Directors of Services, Senior Executive Officers, Senior Engineers/Planners and equivalent.

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Raising Awareness:

This 3 module course has been developed in accordance with the Local Authority Climate Action Training Plan and in response to Action 150 of the Climate Action Plan, 2019. The aim of the course is to increase participants’ understanding and awareness of global climate change and what it means for Ireland for and local authorities.

Target Training Group:

All new entrant local authority indoor staff. Grades 7/6/5/4/3 and analogous grades. This programme can also be made available to Grade 8 and above upon request

Course Overview – Raising Awareness

Building Capacity:

This 4 module course has been designed and developed by a range of contributors
to offer participants an extensive and varied range of topics relevant to the working objectives of Local Authority Climate Action Teams. From the scientific and policy context, the course describes the important role Local Authorities play in not only responding to the impacts of climate change through adaptation measures but also ways in which mitigation efforts can be promoted in order to deliver on emission education targets prescribed for the sector.

Target Training Group:

Members of Local Authority Climate Action Teams (multi-disciplinary and cross departmental teams established in each Local Authority to cover the planning and implementation of adaptation and mitigation measures).

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Actioning Policy:

These tailored training courses will be designed to provide participants with specific/custom training and development in response to identified learning needs and embed climate considerations across all functions and activities, in response to evolving climate and environmental legislation and policy and to meet the strategic and corporate objectives of local authorities. These courses provide an opportunity to further explore particular focus areas to enhance and broaden the knowledge base of participants on climate change and climate action, ensure continued policy alignment and to augment performance on climate action across all functions and activities of the local authority.

Training courses falling under the auspices of the Actioning Policy pillar are under development.

Other training courses falling under the auspices of the Actioning Policy pillar are at various stages of design and development.

Target Training Group:

Participants with specific/custom training needs.

Delivering Action:

This half day course has been developed to engage with Local Authority outdoor staff to increase their awareness of the challenges posed by climate change. The course gives participants a broad overview of climate change science and the policy context. Each course will be tailored specifically to focus on their particular area of work and cross cutting issues will also be addressed e.g. water quality and biodiversity loss.

Target Training Group:

All Local Authority Outdoor Staff across the functional areas of Roads, Environment, Water and Housing.

Course Overview – Delivering Action

Empowering Change:

This two-day course, has been designed and developed to offer participants the knowledge and tools to become leaders in climate action by raising awareness, encouraging participation and inspiring action within and across local communities. The course invites people to connect with local communities to better tell the story of climate change, engage with local leaders to seek out opportunities to take positive action and inspire and support local initiatives that place communities at the forefront of a movement for positive climate action.

Target Training Group:

Staff in each Local Authority whose role involves working closely with local communities, administrative or technical.

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For further information on any of the programmes listed above please contact Pauline Hoctor – Climate Action Training Coordinator, LASNTG. Email: pauline.hoctor@tipperarycoco.ie Tel: +353 52 616 6264