Temporary Traffic Management on Level 3 Roads - Mobile

Training Aim: 

To enable Learners to develop a broad range of skills towork on Level 3 roads (Dual Carriageways and Motorways of 80km/h to 120km/h), requiring theoretical and practical understanding in mobile traffic management at roadworks. This will enable them to become a competent member of a temporary traffic management team when working on Level 3 roads.


Level 5 QQI Award

Applicable Regulation: 

Appropriate to Task

Expiry Period: 

5 Years

Renewal Method: 

Self-Certification of completion of 200 hours onmobile traffic management operations on Level 3Roads within the previous 2 years, andCompletion of 2 day classroom based learning (asoutlined within this specification), andSuccessful completion of Theory Assessment (asoutlined within this specification).

Primary Target Grade: 

General Operative; Supervisor

Other Grades applicable: 

Managers; Traffic Management Auditors and Inspectors for Level 3 Roads