Chainsaw Training for New Local Authority Operatives- City & Guilds

Training Aim: 

To provide learners with no prior experience with the required knowledge, skills and competence to operate a chainsaw safely and efficiently and receive city and guilds certification


City and Guilds Qualifications as follows (City and Guildsaward in Emergency Tree work Operations):201 Maintenance- CS30.1202 Crosscutting- CS30.2203 Felling small trees (up to 380 mm)- CS31302 Severing Up-rooted or Windblown Trees305 Emergency Windblown Trees- CS50

Applicable Regulation: 

Appropriate to Task As specified by City and Guilds

Expiry Period: 

As specified by City and Guilds

Renewal Method: 

Update Course Only

Primary Target Grade: 

Chainsaw Operative

Other Grades applicable: