Commercial Vehicle Road Worthiness

Training Aim: 

This Course forms part of the training requirements resulting from the RSA's Commercial Vehicle Road Worthiness requirements. It will create an awareness among the Learners with regards to the legislation and guidelines in relation to their responsibilities in the use of vehlicles for work purposes to include the following:
Vehicle Insurance
Licence Categories
Safe Driving
Fuel Efficiency & reducing CO2 emmisions
Trailers / towing requirments & load security
Maintenance checks & routines
Attaching & securing loads/ walkaround inspection checks
Record keeping


Assessment Certificate

Applicable Regulation: 

Appropriate to Task. Roads Acts, Regulations, (RSA, HSA Guidlines)

Expiry Period: 

5 Years

Renewal Method: 

Full Resit Course and Exam

Primary Target Grade: 

Plant Operative

Other Grades applicable: 

All Outdoor

Course Documentation: