Bridge Engineering Inspection

Training Aim: 

• To provide experienced LA Engineers with an enhanced/better understanding of the Irish road bridge Stock, including their structural and nonstructural components, materials, modes of failure, vulnerability and types of defects, to recognise serious issues from superficial to structural issues.
• Also, to recognise and understand the important role that masonry stone bridges occupy in the Irish road bridge network in a functional and heritage context.
• To develop skills and knowledge to carry out bridge Engineering Inspections, using the LA Bridge Management System (Pavement Management System- Bridge Section) and the Mobile Application (APP), for Engineering Inspections, thereby creating a LA bridge database inclusive of bridge condition, thus providing a formalised and appropriate bridge asset register for subsequent bridge management purposes in each county
• to provide DoT with a national bridge data base providing a picture and details of the non-national road bridge stock and their condition, thereby aiding the best use of available resources to maintain the bridge stock into the future.


Attendance Certificate

Overall Duration of Course: 

1 Day

Expiry Period: 

5 Years

Renewal Method: 

Refresher Course

Primary Target Grade: 

Local Authority Engineers [AE, EE, SEE, SE] (preferably at Chartered Level) with at least 5 years post graduate experience, with significant experience in bridges, e.g., 2 years in bridge design, assessment, construction, repair, inspection or repair and who have completed and passed the BIS and MI course or have a post graduate qualification including a bridge module.

Course Documentation: