Fluoridation of Water Supplies

Training Aim: 

To provide learners with the knowledge, skills and expertise in the following Fluoridation technology;
1. Fluoridation and the need to Fluoridate
2. Legislative background
3. Risk identification Drinking water safety
4. Chemical Storage and Handling
5. Operations and Maintenance
6. Calculating dose and monitoring
7. Troubleshooting


Attendance Certificate

Applicable Regulation: 

W-TEC-900-06-01; Design Specification: Fluoridation; OPM-SOP-Treated Water Fluoridation SOP; IW-RAM-SPEC-5020-009 Fluoridation RAM Policy; Code of Practice on Fluoridation of Drinking Water (2016); IW-TEC-900-06; Design Specification: Chemical Storage & Handling; Series 200- General M&E Specifications; DWSP Risk Assessment Implementation_v1.4; WHO WATER SAFETY PLAN MANUAL; EPA Drinking Water Advice Note No. 8: Developing Drinking Water Safety Plans V1.0

Expiry Period: 

3 Years

Renewal Method: 

Update Course Only

Primary Target Grade: 

All GRADES Plant Operative

Other Grades applicable: 

Technician; Engineer; Plant Supervisor; Engineer