Water Services Training Group - 21st Annual Conference 2017

Lyrath Estate, Kilkenny

Sep 7 2017

TOPIC: Progressing a Single Water Utility Approach
With new legislative and funding arrangements being put in place, it is now timely to take stock of the significant progress achieved since Irish Water was established in 2014, working in collaboration with local authorities, in implementing new arrangements for delivering public Water Services and upgrading associated infrastructure. These arrangements are needed to meet consumer expectations and support the social and economic requirements of a growing economy. The WSTG Annual Conference provides a forum for taking stock of developments to date and updating on planned progress of initiatives in the period ahead.

DATE: Thursday 7th September 2017
VENUE: Lyrath Estate Hotel, Kilkenny
OBJECTIVE: To provide the water industry with the opportunity to review developments to date, and to provide all stakeholders with a forum for discussion of topical issues.
WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Management and Engineering Personnel involved in:

  • local authority delivery of water services
  • Irish Water
  • contractors and consulting engineers
  • firms in the water industry supply chain

PROGRAMME: (attached)
FEE Conference Fee: €150 per person.